DO you really save when you buy in bulk ?

By admin
17 September 2014

Many people think buying in bulk is saving but in some cases buying in bulk means having to watch your money go straight to the bin .

The trick to saving by buying in bulk knows what you can and can’t buy in bulk.

The most obvious things to buy in bulk are things you always use and things that will not expire or spoil. A perfect example of things you can buy in bulk is toilet paper and cleaning and washing detergents.

When buying tinned food and long life foods in bulk be careful to check the expiry dates, because although these do not usually last long enough to spoil , when buying in bulk it is possible especially when items are marked down close to their expiry date .

Although things like maize meal and other dry goods don’t really spoil it is important to store them correctly so that they are at their best when you need to use them. Use air tight containers and keep them up right in a dry cool room to keep them at their best for longer .

Perishable food items like fruit , veg and meat should be avoided even when frozen because it spoils quickly even when frozen .

Do you have any shopping tips that save you money ? Please share in the comments section below .