Does he love me?

By admin
14 November 2013

“The man I’m in love with is confusing me. I don’t know whether he loves me or another girl. Although he tells me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, he acts opposite to his words. When his other girlfriend is around, he does not call me or want me to be with him, because he claims that we will fight if the two of us are in one place. When I complain about this situation, he tells me I’m the one who is wrong and I must learn to be patient in order for things to work out for the two of us. My mind tells me to move on, but my heart tells me to stay and that things will be better one day. Please help me to make the correct decision.” – Busi, Daveyton

  My dear Busi Do what your heart tells you and move on before you get hurt more than you have already been hurt. This man does not want to spend the rest of his life with you. What he does when the other girl is around is proof enough that he is not interested in you – actions speaks louder than words.  Who does he think he is to ask you to be patient? A love affair is about trust and honour between two people, and it sounds as if your affair is just one-sided. Don’t fool yourself, because there is no such thing as “things will be better one day”. If they are not good today, forget about him.Go out, have fun and you will meet someone who will love and care for you. This is what you deserve. I wish you all the best.