Domestic violence affects everyone part2

By admin
27 November 2013

Loraine’s son is six years old. She and her husband had a physical fight in front of their son. She is now concerned that he will grow up thinking that it is okay for men to abuse women.

What is the first thing they should change in their household?

They need to rethink their priorities, since such fights are usually about a sense of being “done in” by the partner. They may need couples counselling so that they can learn how to appreciate each other. They must learn more effective ways of communicating their needs to each other and how to make space for the fact that they are two individuals.

Can they erase this ugly image from their child’s mind through therapy?

The image cannot be erased, but if the long-term effect of the fight is a healthy and closer relationship between the parents, the child will have learnt something about how to deal with the curve balls that life throws him.