Domestic violence affects everyone part3

By admin
28 November 2013

Loraine’s son is six years old. She and her husband had a physical fight in front of their son. She is now concerned that he will grow up thinking that it is okay for men to abuse women.

Do boys who see their fathers hurting their mothers become abusers?

This is commonly referred to as “the cycle of abuse”. People tend to learn their behaviours in their family of origin.If arguments between the parents are handled as a power struggle, the child will see this and think that it is the right way to behave. He can easily keep this idea with him for a long time.Loraine and her husband must decide how they are going to act in front of their child. If they show respect for each other, they will respect their child and will not exercise such behaviour again. This is the way they can teach their child basic life skills.

  Where can they go for help? Loraine and her husband should go to their priest or chose a mutual friend who they both respect and ask for help. Family members can also help, but you must be determined to sort out your problems.