Don’t be a bad payer

By admin
26 October 2013

Can you be recorded as a bad payer for any amount of money and how long are you registered as bad payer?

People may be listed for any amount, no matter how small. Many credit grantors will decide whether there will be just a default or a judgment against you, because the judgment involves legal costs.  A default means that you are in arrears with your account and you have been listed because of non-payment. This listing stays on the credit bureau for three years and it is then removed automatically.

What are the disadvantages having a bad payment record.

This affects your credit record and your buying reputation. It gets harder for you to get access to credit. We know of people who cannot buy homes, cars, get a telephone or electricity account because of their poor payment record.

Is it advisable to seek out private persons or companies to get your name off the list?

No-one can remove genuine and valid information, which forms part of your credit history. You will have to wait until your name is automatically removed. If, however, you originally defaulted due to circumstances beyond your control (such as retrenchment), the Credit Information Ombudsman will look at your case for possible early removal of the defaults. This service is free. However, over-committing yourself and overspending are not considered to be “circumstances beyond your control”.

People must understand that they must pay their debts. Running away or ignoring the situation only makes it worse, because your credit record will show all these problems.

You can call the Credit Information Ombudsman on 0861 66 2837 or go to