Don't fall for the Muvhango casting scam

By Faeza
13 April 2016

It happened to Rhythm City last year and now it's happened to Muvhango.

The soapie has issued a warning about a casting scam doing the rounds. The scam invites prospective actors to audition for different characters on Muvhango for a fee of R300.

The scam includes details of the audition venue and states that the auditions are happening at 224 Louis Botha avenue in Orange Grove.

None of this is true.

Muvhango Associate producer Morishe Matlejoane has confirmed that it's a scam and has also released a statement stating the soapie is breaking ties with the actors' agency that the show has used for years. It seems that someone associated with agency is involved in the scheme.

Morishe explains: "The scammers unfortunately used the name of a casting agency we have been doing business with for years and as a result, we are left with no choice but to cut ties with Becky Casting Agency as their name was roped in from an e-mail we had sent to the agency."

The situation highlights the fact that no reputable TV channel, show or production company will ask for people to pay to audition. It will NEVER happen so if you ever see castings that want people to pay to audition - know that it's definitely a scam.