Don’t take a chance

By admin
10 December 2013

When someone offers you an investment opportunity, think twice.

Scamsters, fraudsters and tsotsis can play on your feelings to get your money. They try to make you believe that their scheme is a one-in-a-million chance to make some good money. Of course some investments are safe, but be aware that you can be the target of a scam. Here is how to spot one.

Investigate the offer if you see one of these catch phrases on documentation or proposed by an investment broker.

• No risk investment. There is no such thing as “no risk” investment.

• Double your money in one year. If this were true, all of us would have been rich by now.

• Guaranteed return. No investment can make a claim that it is guaranteed, because investments and savings are controlled by many factors that cannot be predicted by the person taking your money.

• Limited time offer. Be very careful of these because the person offering them wants you to make a quick decision, before you have had time to think the matter over.

• Do not trust offers made over the phone. These guys try to pressure you, and these offers are probably the most risky of all.

• “Too good to be true.” Don’t fall for this line, because the investment is probably too good to be true.