DR Malinga versus Nasty C

By Faeza
15 March 2017

What happens in Durban clearly does not stay in Durban. It has been weeks since the Metro FM Music Awards but the drama continues.

After the #MMA16 there was a lot of controversy around Mabala Noise paying for the awards that were won by their artists.

Dr Malinga posted a tweet stating that Nasty C is like a "pawn shop keeping things that do not belong to him."

The tweet insinuated that the young rapper did not deserve the award for Best Single of the Year at the recent #MMA16.

  https://twitter.com/drmalinga/status/841295250043858944 Nasty C did not take the insult lying down and posted a very spicy video of himself calling Dr Malinga to order. In the video the young rapper is heard saying that Dr Malinga is 103-years-old.  

Because cyber bullies ain't shit.