‘Drunk’ policeman in uniform caught on camera

By Faeza
25 April 2017

An apparently drunk police officer in full uniform has been caught on video which has been posted on Facebook.

It was not clear where and when the video was taken but, according to the Afrikaans conversation between the policeman and the man taking the video, it was recorded around 06:00.

The officer's speech is slurred and he tells the man he's come from work.

"You look drunk," the man tells him.

"Dit maak nie saak nie (It doesn't matter)," the officer replies as he puts his glasses back on, which he had been waving around.

The 41-second long video has been viewed 155 000 times and shared 5305 times shortly before 13:00 on Tuesday.

National police spokesperson Major-General Sally De Beer was not immediately available for comment. Her phone rang unanswered and she did not reply to an email.

Source: News24