DSTV prices set to increase in April

By Faeza
17 February 2017

Food prices are going up, petrol is going up and now soon your DSTV subscription will also go up.

An article was posted on the Multichoice forum stating that as of April 1 some of their packages will increase.

"We’ve completed our business planning and have done our best to keep your subscription fees down, despite the tough economic climate," stated the article.

DStv packages price from 1 April 2017

DStv Premium R789 (currently R759)

DStv Extra R489 (currently R459)

DStv Compact R365 (currently R345)

DStv Family R235 (currently R219)

DStv Access R99 (no change)

DStv EasyView R29 (no change)

DStv add ons price from 1 April 2017

Access Fee R85 (no change)

BoxOffice PVR rentals R35 (no change)

DStv Indian R360 (currently R340)

DStv indian add-on R229 (currently R220)

DStv Portuguesa R465 (currently R445)

DStv Portuguesa add-on R229 (currently R220)

Please note the following prices will NOT increase on 1 April 2017:

- DStv EasyView

- DStv Access

- Access Fee

- BoxOffice rentals

- Decoder insurance