Dumi Mkokstad and Betusile Mcinga - from gospel stars to TV stars

By Faeza
13 April 2017

Gospel artists Dumi Mkokstad and

Betusile Mcinga are over the moon

about their upcoming TV show called

Amacilongo which will air on Dumisa

TV, a channel on DStv.

Even though the young stars of gospel have never

presented a TV show before, they

say they are determined to make

this opportunity a success.


Be that as it may, they admit that

they have mixed feelings about

presenting their new TV show.

“It’s my first presenting job.

I’m excited and nervous about it.

I would like to assume that to feel

this way is normal,” says Dumi.

Betusile shares Dumi’s sentiments saying, “I have

mixed feelings but my excitement outweighs

those fears. I’ve always been told that I’m a shy

person. I wanted to accept that to a point that

I couldn’t be a TV presenter or be on stage, but

this was until I got to understand myself better.”

Betusile says he hopes that through the show

viewers will know his true character. He says

performing in front of thousands of people is far

more intimidating than being in front of cameras.

“I am ready to give it my best,” he says.


Their fans and followers have had the chance

of seeing them work together before on stage,

but not in this fashion. They both agree that they

will use the same chemistry they have on stage

to put on a good show.

“We work together a lot and we have a good

relationship. We are currently working on

Betusile’s album and I might be doing my live

DVD recording very soon,” Dumi reveals. Betusile

admits that he’s learnt to come out of his shell.

“I have been busy doing motivational talks, so

I would say that has proven that I can express

myself well in front of people,” he says.


Dumi says presenting is a dream come true.

He says he’s tried auditioning for other gospel

shows in the past but failed to make the cut.

“Getting this show is God’s favour. I tried to

audition for Gospel Gold and

other gospel shows but was

unsuccessful,” he reveals.

He says when he heard that

Dumisa TV was looking for

presenters, he jumped at the

chance. Now he’s seizing the

opportunity for all its worth.

“I am so excited about this

show,” he says, adding that

viewers should look forward to

an exciting show as it will feature

choirs from different churches.