Dumi Mkokstad says he plans to get married within the next three years

By Faeza
07 July 2017

DUMI Mkokstad, real name is Mdumiseni Nzimande, who is one of the youngest gospel talents in the country promises to spoil his future wife rotten. The star says people have started asking him when he plans to tie the knot. The 27-year-old singer says he is thinking of walking down the aisle within the next three years.


“I was hoping that by the age of 30 I would have done something,” he reveals. The gospel hunk says even church people want him to settle down. “Even people at church are pressuring me to get married,” he says. The Ewe Jehova singer, who is currently single, tells Move! that it’s all in the hands of God when this will happen. He reveals that he has no type or ideal woman in mind to make his wife. What’s important to him is that he loves her. “It doesn’t have to be someone with this or that. As long as I love her, that’s enough for me. I think God will do the rest,” he explains. He recently posted a picture on social media of a pair of ladies’ shoes with the caption, “My wife, get ready to be spoiled. Wonder who you are.” This got everyone trying to decipher the message. But he tells Move! that the post was just another social media post, just like when someone posts pictures of food. Nonetheless, Dumi assures fans, “If I had someone, I would buy the shoes for them.”


His personal life has been of interest to many ever since he came into the spotlight as a child star. Last year, reports surfaced that the muso was being tortured by women looking for love. His social media was flooded with messages from women he didn’t know. He then bought a ring to put women off, which opened another can of worms about his marital status. Dumi then made a U-turn, denying all the reports and saying he was enjoying all the love and attention he was receiving from his fans. “My fans make me. Without them I

am nothing. I appreciate all the love I get from them. I love fans who love me for my music and ministry. “There has never been a time that I did not acknowledge the truth. I do not even want to entertain this because it is destructive. “I've never worn a ring to send

anyone away. My fans know their boundaries. They know that I am a born-again Christian with a very serious ministry and I live a holy life. “Singing gospel is not entertainment, but an offer of love to God. If I am to be in the media it must be about God’s glory because that is what I am called to do,” he tells Move!


In a previous interview, the award-winning artist had revealed to Move! that he was a lost sheep during his adolescent stage. He divulged that he had multiple partners and struggled with peer-pressure, which led to him neglecting his faith. Nonetheless, he promises that he has left all those things behind and is now living a holier life.