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“Easy Eric Sell” also known as EES

By admin
17 October 2013

The king of ‘Nam Flava’ kwation “Easy Eric Sell” also known as EES is a Namibian/German Kwaito artist and rapper. With 9 CD’s under his belt in just 8 years, it is obvious that he has ambition and is not about to slow down.

His music style is a blend of Kwaito, African House, Afro Pop, Reggae, and has a really funky fresh spin to it.  He meshes the use of Afrikaans, English and German languages into his music effortlessly to create the distinctive sound that is Nam Flava. His latest release is the 22 track album called Megaphone Ghazzie featuring a great selection of African artists.   It is also the first Namibian album to be sold internationally via music web services. He believes he has responsibility to “do something good” to help his country become “a rainbow nation, living together in one country, no matter what the skin colour”. In 2012 he won a Channel O Music Video Award for the Most Gifted Kwaito Artist category for the song “Ayoba” which features South African Kwaito legend Mandoza.