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Easy hair: How to relax your hair

By admin
06 November 2013

Relaxer is a strong chemical that, when used correctly, will make your hair easier to handle.

Step 1

Apply a thick layer of Vaseline along your hairline to protect your skin from the effects of the chemicals.

Step 2

Divide your hair into four equal parts.

Step 3

Apply the relaxer cream from the back of each part. Work the relaxer into the hair as close to the parting as possible without letting it touch the scalp.

Step 4

Work the relaxer through the hair and make sure it is evenly spread.

Step 5

Comb the relaxer through to straighten the hair and to thin it out.

Step 6

Rinse thoroughly with a neutralising shampoo with a colour indicator to show where there is still relaxer in the hair.

Step 7

Dry hair and style as you prefer.

Step 8

Apply a treatment to moisturise your scalp.