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Easy tips to take care of your afro

By Faeza
27 July 2016

An afro can be difficult to maintain. But with a little patience and proper care, you can have the hair you've always wanted.


Wash your hair properly

Shampoo your afro at least once a week. Choose a shampoo that has enough moisture elements in it to keep your hair hydrated.

Wash your hair properly

Choose a conditioner designed for thick and curly hair. After washing your hair, use a dampener or leave-in conditioner to prevent hair knots.

Never comb wet hair

Avoid combing wet hair as it is more susceptible to breaking.

Give your hair an oil treatment

An afro is mostly dry and needs regular oil treatment to keep it hydrated.

Wrap your hair at night

To reduce the loss of hair oil and protect your hair from falling off, wear a silky scarf to bed.

Trim split ends

Trimming split ends strengthens your hair and make it look thicker.

Moisturise your hair regularly

Use products containing coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, castor or jojoba oil to moisturise your hair daily.

Give your hair a break

Wear protective styles such as braids and cornrows.