eduCate ambassadors share their thoughts on the revision programme

By Faeza
25 August 2015

eduCate is a nationwide matric Maths and Science revision programme which aims to improve the performance of Maths and Science for schools in the public sector. In its fifth year, eduCate is made up of 10 pre-recorded revision sessions, 5 in Maths and 5 in Science. These sessions cover the entire Matric curriculum and are aimed at preparing disadvantaged South African youth for their Matric Maths and Science examinations.

Below is what the eduCate ambassadors have to say:

Dj Sbu

“As the Sbusiso Leope Education Foundation, we have dedicated our lives to changing those of young people through our continuous commitment in impactful education related projects such as eduCate. We are humbled to be a part of such a life changing initiative and are proud ambassadors of the project, under the leadership of Mr Martin Sweet.” – Sbu Leope, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Entertainer

Farah Fortune

“I’m elated to be a part of an initiative that will help educate and involve learners, to be excited about subjects so crucial to so many careers” – Farah Fortune, Director of African Star Communications

Jimmy Nevis

“I am proud to be an ambassador of this programme because it speaks directly to the youth. It’s a focus that I am deeply passionate about. It is programmes like these that are going the extra mile to impact the future of our country. Let’s all support them in creating change and building the next generation of professionals and dreamers.” – Jimmy Nevis, Singer/Songwriter

Boity Thulo

“The foundation of the world is love. And that’s how everything should be started – with love. I just want to make it seem cool to be positive, motivated, educated, unashamed of your dreams and never allowing people to dictate what you should & should not believe in, what you should and shouldn’t like, love, dream about, aspire towards. I want to make being positive about education the new black.” - Boity Thulo, Actor, Model, Presenter