Eldorado Park man found guilty of raping 8 boys

By Faeza
19 July 2017

 An Eldorado Park man, who lured a number of boys to his home by promising them a bicycle, has been found guilty of raping them.

Kelvin Thompson, 23, was found guilty on eight counts of rape in the High Court in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

He was acquitted on one charge of sexual grooming.

Thompson appeared emotionless when acting Judge Andre Petersen handed down his judgment.

Petersen said he had lost a laptop containing details of the judgment, and would give reasons for the guilty verdict on Friday.

Thompson had pleaded not guilty to the crimes.

He was arrested in August 2015 after allegations emerged that he had raped eight boys and sexually groomed another.

The boys were between the ages of 8 and 13. According to the indictment, Thompson committed the crimes between 2014 and 2015.

He also approached some of his victims near New Canada Road, where he pointed a firearm at them and forcefully took them to a nearby field, the State said.

He allegedly sodomised the boys. A mother had previously testified that her now 15-year-old son was raped on his way back from school in 2015.

The woman said her son had looked frightened and cried when he explained the ordeal to her.

She said that, when she examined him, she saw blood.

Source: News24