Embrace your true self PART 2

By admin
02 September 2013

Identity is a lot more thanjust sexuality

Throughout history, and even today,the idea of being sexy has alwaysbeen linked to things that appeal toboth Western and other foreign ideals.

We wear Indian and Brazilian hair, get super-long fake eyelashes, make ourlips pink and blush our cheeks to giveus a soft, fairy-like look.Maria says that because we’re acountry that has gone through intenseracial separation, many previousgenerations have linked their sense ofidentity to a racial judgment.

Move! TipAccept that you’re a child of Africa and more beautiful because of it. Don’t waste time, and emotional and physical energy trying to be something that you’re not.

Exploring your own personal truth

Our identity, and sense of who we are and how we measure up, is largely influenced by how society sees us. If you take a step back and think about who you are, what your moral values are based on, and what is truly important to you, you will find your personal truth.

“We attach importance to the opinions of others especially those of strangers. “It’s part of belonging to society. We’re taught that in order to belong, you have to look like you belong,” says Maria. Part of growing up is that you begin to be more aware of who you are and accept your flaws.