Emtee to give upcoming rappers a chance on new TV show

By Faeza
20 April 2017

Visit any South African township and some suburbs, you’re bound to find a group of young men and women in groups rapping to either a popular hip hop beat or vocal percussion known as Beatboxing.

South African rapping game has since grown so much in the past few years with a new hit released every second week courtesy of the top ten SA Hip Hop giants.

In turn, new rappers often find it hard to make it to the mainstream hip hop culture as their narrative is often something of an enigma -  a matter of first getting funds to record a demo, then finding someone bold enough with the right resources to push the product to the audiences.

Nonetheless, they often get lost in the crowd due to unavailability of platforms to showcase their talents. Emtee is about to change that with his new television show!

Former choir conductor and award-winning rapper, Emtee’s new show called Rap 4 Me to broadcast on GauTV channel 265, is set to give upcoming young South Africa rappers a chance to showcase their skills to television audiences across South Africa.

Rap 4 Me which will be filmed at Zallywood studios in Auckland Park will see Emtee not only at the host but as the encouraging and guiding force to be reckoned with.