Enjoy your hotel stay with these useful tips part 3

By Faeza
11 October 2015

When travelling, your hotel experience is a core element of the success of your trip. With thousands of kilometres of travel under his belt, as well as the insights gained from many years in the hotel industry, Nicholas Barenblatt, Group Marketing Manager of Protea Hotels, a proud member of Marriott International, a leading global hotel group, has lots of advice to share – the sorts of things that can make all the difference to your stay being memorable for the right reasons.

Keep safe

Remember that anyone can fall victim to crime or get caught up in political unrest, so keep in touch with the hotel’s reception desk with questions about areas of the city that may not be safe or about unrest that could occur.

The same advice is true for travellers visiting countries known to be conservative.  Check with your hotel about the clothing you should wear when planning a visit to a religious site, for instance.