Enslaved to death but confession to life

By Faeza
19 October 2015

We have an advocate in YaHShua who knows exactly what we go though on a daily basis under the influence of the evil one. Hence we are told to confess our sins daily as an antidote to the poison of sin which leads to death.

This calls for a reason for rejoicing as YaHWeH judges the condition of our hearts for every sin that we commit. So that when we pray asking for forgiveness we are released from our sin for YaHWeH's sake. My brethren, are your aware that we are free only from confessed sins?

What is the condition of your heart towards sin? (1Corinthians 4:5) Do you ask for forgiveness everytime, as you know you are sold to sin and your members serve the law of sin? My brethren confess your sins always. Repent repent and repent so that you are set apart as we do not know the time and the hour.


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH

Email: pastor.w@kpmoy.co.za.