Entrepreneurship is the way to go

By Faeza
02 July 2015

Just over 15 years ago, my father advised me to change the way I thought about business and employment.  He said I needed to start thinking as an employer, a job creator, rather than an employee as that would make me dependent on someone else for a job. It’s not that I didn’t take him seriously at the time; I think lack of action came from knowing very little about entrepreneurship.

For me, entrepreneurship was for a selected few who had the right personality and opportunities to start businesses.  Looking back, I wish entrepreneurship was a priority in our education system. The good news is that currently, many South Africans are preaching entrepreneurship and also emphasize the need for our education system to change, so that the focus in our schools is on teaching our learners to think as entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneurial mind set is crucial for our progress and success as a nation. What with an alarming number of unemployed graduates and an even bigger number of young people who drop out of high school for whatever reason and do not have a matric qualification. Not heeding the call for entrepreneurship to be our way of life would be disastrous for our country.

There is some good news for our country though. According to the Global Entrepreneurial Index (GEI), South Africa places at 53 out of 130 countries, this is an improvement for South Africa if you consider previous GEI reports. Interestingly, the world is operating at 52% of its entrepreneurial capacity.

A lot still has to be done and the onus is on you and me to start. Think of it this way; whatever skills you have, do research and find out how you can use those skills ‘entrepreneurially’. Of course, we need to ensure that our ideas are viable but I believe that whatever field you are in and skill you have, it is possible to be entrepreneurial because entrepreneurship is key to economic development.

If you would like to read up on entrepreneurship, there is so much information available. Do your research and contact relevant organisations and people who can assist you in your journey. Here is only a fraction of what I have found.

The South African Institute of Entrepreneurship: http://www.entrepreneurship.co.za

National Youth Development Agency: http://www.nyda.gov.za/Entrepreneurship-Development-Programme/Pages/default.aspx

Youth Entrepreneurship Programme, currently operating in the Western Cape: http://www.youth-entrepreneurship.co.za.

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship: http://bransoncentre.org/south-africa/. One of the requirements to join the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship is that you have started your business venture.

If you are looking at options to study further, consider an entrepreneurship course or programme. Educational institutions offer such. Visit their websites and get informed so you know what your next step is.

Contributing Writer: Francine Mashabela

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