Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men

By admin
19 September 2013

We make such a fuss about erections. In our society, the penis is a symbol of male power and women’s desire. A man’s sexual self-esteem is embedded in the size and shape of his penis, along with how many rounds it can go in one sexual session.   Problem:Erection failures are common in men. In a young man, it usually occurs because he is too excited and so gets anxious about his need to please his woman.   Solution: He must breathe calmly and take his time. Practise safe sex. Knowing a woman is on contraception, and using condoms, gives peace of mind. Try Delay Condoms, as these will make him last longer. Problem:Erectile dysfunction (ED) in older men is often the first sign of a cardiovascular disease, diabetes or other lifestyle illnesses.   Solution: Older men must consult a doctor if an erection failure persists. There are a number of good medical options for treating ED. Problem:Perhaps he is struggling with early ejaculation, which results in ED.   Solution: He can delay his erection by breathing and relaxing, or use Pjut Med Pro Long Spray.