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Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor by Pastor Donnie McClurkin

By admin
19 September 2013

You wrote a book, Eternal Victim, Eternal Victor. What was that like?

It was just a by-product of everything that I’ve been through. The rape at the age of eight by my great uncle on the night of my two-year-old brother’s funeral. That’s when everything just fell apart. We were an ideal family untilthat happened. From that night until about 40 years later, it was a difficult journey. The rape that led to homosexual desires, action and activities in the church, and hypocrisy covering up those things and trying to figure out who I was. All of that was the majority of the two- to three-decade journey.

Once God gave me resolution to these things, then I could write.

Was it difficult to write this book?

In some ways. It meant putting my entire life on public display. All the things I would not normally talk about are revealed in that book. This gave people a chance to question and even make up their own scenarios to my hurt and hopefully – they thought – to my destruction.