Euphonik talks about the current woman in his life, his ex Bonang and his music career

By Faeza
27 July 2016

On July 25 Euphonik was interviewed by Gareth Cliff on Cliff Central.

He spoke about a number of things from his current relationship, his ex Bonang his business ventures and how he handles Black Twitter.

In the interview Euphonik openly discussed how peaceful his current relationship is.

  "The person I am with now is, trust me is as peaceful a it gets. I have not had a fight in two years, I have not had a a major like fight, where there are people screaming at each other," he said.   When asked about Bonang he did not shy away he stated how he does not hate her.

"We had our time. It was great when we were together but would I go back there? No. Have I moved on? Yes. Has she moved on? Yes. Am I bitter? No,” said the DJ

He added that should he ever  bump into Bonang the situation would not be awkward for him because they currently do not talk to each other.

In the interview he also spoke extensively about his career and how he still cringes when he sees or hears himself on radio.

"I am taken aback every time I see my music video on TV, I do not know how to feel everytime I hear my songs being played on radio. Every time I hear my song on TV or radio I know that I have to go work," said the DJ.

He added that getting into the industry is easy, but keeping the consistency and maintaining it is difficult.

He added that if he was not a DJ he would have been an unhappy marketing executive.