Ex-cop sentenced for sexually assaulting son's friend during sleepovers

By Faeza
07 December 2016

A retired policeman who sexually assaulted his son's friend during sleepovers was sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for five years, by the Parow Regional Court on Tuesday.

The Cape Town man, in his 50s, had to do 576 hours of community service, and would stay under house arrest. He could only leave home if he needed to do work, and had to get permission to leave the province.

His name was being withheld to protect the identity the victim, and his own son.

He had to subject himself to counselling and rehabilitation.

According to his plea agreement, read by his attorney, Ettienne Barnard, the boys would lie on a mattress to watch television when they had a sleepover.

The man would lie with them, positioning himself next to his son's friend. The assaults started from the age of 11.

He would wait until the boys had fallen asleep, and he would carry on lying on the mattress, pretending he was also asleep.

His hand would wander over the visitor's genitals, and he would touch the boy to see if he was awake. If the boy woke up, he would pretend it was an accident. If he kept sleeping, he would touch and stroke his genitals.

He did this repeatedly between 2013 and 2016, until the boy told his mother about it.

The charge was laid against him last year. Prosecutor Dercia Rabie started proceedings by telling Magistrate Amanda von Leeve that there was a plea deal.

When asked how he pleaded, the man said simply: "Skuldig (guilty)."

Source: News24