By Faeza
09 October 2015

There is a huuuuge difference between success and excellence! For the most part success is based on comparison. One person is successful because they have done more than others.

Excellence, on the other hand, is based on how you express the gifting God has deposited into your life to the fullness of their capacity. This is according to the capacity anointing available by God's grace.

To maintain success you have to keep looking back at those coming behind and try to outdo them at all cost. Excellence is maintained by focusing on your calling, developing your gift, and expressing it by faith.

That is why scriptures say Abel gave a more excellent gift to God, not a more successful gift. And it continues to say God had respect for his gift. God respects excellence, not just success (Hebrews  11:4, Genesis 4:4). Pursue excellence.

Evangelist Kagiso Malepe

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Life Changing Ministries, Dipompong