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Eyeshadow colour switches

By Faeza
28 January 2016

Close-up of a young woman with her eyes closed

If you’re bored with your regular neutral eyeshadow looks, try these switches for some subtle but noticeable changes ...

  1. Exchange bronze for copper. Copper is warmer and will make your eyes appear brighter. It also intensifies lighter eye colours.
  2. Replace your neutral crease shade (usually dark/medium brown) with plum or navy. Both shades will make your eyes look more vibrant without looking garish.
  3. Swap your champagne-coloured highlighter for a more golden-hued shade. It’s flattering on all skin tones, and it has a slightly softer effect. Take care not to choose a shade that’s too yellow, as this would look unnatural on most skin tones. Stick to pale gold shades that are neutral-cool toned.

source: all4women