Family time

By admin
24 December 2013

  1. Create family traditions. Family rituals enforce a sense of identity. On Sundays my family and I used to play games. This has helped me cope with losing and winning graciously.
  2. If religion is important to you, make it part of your family life. There is a proverb: “A family that prays together, stays together”.
  3. Family discussion is a good way to resolve family disagreements. How it works: Any family member who is upset can call a family meeting, from the oldest grandparent to the youngest child. Set a date and time. Everyone must attend the meeting – no excuses. The person first explains his or her concern and then everyone discusses the problem. Because family members are so close to each other, fighting is usually more vicious. Don’t name-call or blame. Respect the other person’s feelings. No one leaves the table until a solution is found.