Fear of the unknown part1

By admin
06 October 2013

Khanya Kula (30) of Polokwane talked to Move! about her problem. “Since last year I have been sick all the time and I feel so cold. I don’t have an appetite and I’m losing weight. Although I take medication, it doesn’t seem to work. I’m scared that I might be HIV positive.

Move! asked Busisiwe Maqungo for advice. She is a HIV health promoter and a member of an HIV support group called Beat It.

Are being sick all the time and losing weight signs that Khanya is HIV positive?

These are symptoms of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), but they don’t necessarily mean she will test positive. You need to know your HIV status and the only way is by doing an HIV test. One can never know one’s HIV status by only looking at symptoms ­– an HIV test is an absolute must. If she wants to know her HIV status, she must go to a clinic or doctor. An HIV test is a good starting point for sorting out her health.

Why is it important to do an HIV test?

If you know your HIV status, you can make responsible decisions about your life. If you test positive, you can get treatment and get to know ways of living positively with HIV.