Fear with love, not fear with fear Proverbs 1:7

By Faeza
05 September 2015

My brethren we ought to have fear with love. What is fear with love How can one have fear with love? Fear with love and fear with fear Ooh! , it becomes so confusing. Is there anything like that? My brethren fear with love is selfless, but fear with fear is selfish. Like in an ideal relationship we must have fear with love.   Children must have fear with love for their parents. Fear with fear is unproductive and it's looks only for its own protection making it selfish in nature. But fear with love seeks the protection and the well being of others. It considers primarily others emotional well being, than seeking the escape route or dodge the blame or cover up when caught.   When in a situation it does not find ways of dodging the bullet but consider the hurt the others may feel. It is that which can lead one to die for the other person because of not wanting to see the other person disappointed or hurt through one's action because of the love one has for others.

Just like when one is in temptation, the first thing that comes in mind would be fear of how the other person would feel if they carryout with the action. Not how or what sort of punishment one would receive. The fear with love is the one we must all have in our belief. Not Fear with fear which seeks an escape or blame shifting.

Fear with fear hinges on the idea of not being caught and operates on "what you don't know won't hurt you" , given an opportunity one will act contrary to the benefit of the others. As long as one feels the other person will not find out. Fear of fear has lead a lot of people into going to church not because of their love for YaHWeH. But because they are afraid of the punishment of not going to church which is "going to hell" or not tithe which is of not being blessed,as they are taught by their leaders

Meaning if hell and tithing were not linked to church going and blessings respectively most would not worship nor tithe. My friends are you worshipping your God due to fear of punishment of burning in hell? If you do it means you fear with fear. But fear with love is worshipping Elohim not because of punishment or reward but because it pleases YaHWeH.

When the spirit of adultery enters ones mind what fear enters in your person, is it afraid of being caught resulting in divorce or afraid of hurting your spouse by your actions? If it is of being caught then your fear is a selfish fear which seeks its own preservation.

This means if there is no chance of being caught one would commit adultery without thinking twice. My brethren which fear do you have for your Father in Heaven and for your neighbor? The fear of YaHWeH is the beginning of wisdom as one would seek at his level best what please YaHWeH. That's fear with love. (Proverbs 1:7 & 9:10) , (Psalms 111:10)


Pastor Washington

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