Feeling tired?

By admin
07 September 2013

Do you suffer from fatigue? Don’t ignore it. With the very hectic lives that many of us lead, it’s not surprising that we feel tired sometimes. Women, in particular, are commonly victims of fatigue, as they are expected to multitask – to hold down a career while running a household as well.

And mothers of small children have it harder than anyone else, especially if they have to get up in the night to attend to their babies.

What causes fatigue?

There can, of course, be a variety of reasons for tiredness besides the obvious one – a lack of sleep. But it can also be caused by other factors.

Here are some of the things that can make you feel tired all the time:


Anemia (when there are too few red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body).

This is common in women who are of menstruating age

A deficiency in vitamins or minerals in the body


During recovery from an illness

Too-low or too-high bodyweight

An underactive thyroid gland

Heart disease or heart failure

Liver or kidney disease



Too-low or too-high metabolism

Shift work, which disrupts the normal sleep cycle

Consuming alcohol or drinks containing caffeine

Taking certain drugs.


A bereavement, divorce, or relationship break-up

Problems at work or school



Moving house

Money problems

A stressful home situation.