Fikile Mbalula shows us what's on his music playlist

By Faeza
23 August 2016

As it is known that music is the universal language, and Mbaks believesin that too.

The minister of sports and recreation, Fikile Mbalula recently shared his favourite music playlist as he posted it on his vivid Twitter account.

Mr Razzmatazz is indeed a mover and shaker, as his playlist that he compiled includes the great oldies to RnB, hip hop and house music hits.

He is a quite a jammer, as he has  smash hits, from 'Stimela' by Hugh Masekela to 'work' by Rihanna, all in his playlist.

  Fikile’s playlist is truly something special for a person his age, Here is what’s on the minister’s playlist:  

  We take our hats off for Razzmatazz the dabbing minister and his choice of music.