Finding peace

By admin
09 September 2013

Finding peace

By Audrey Legodi: Teacher and motivational speaker

After changing my mindset, I had a great deal of peace within me. I had courage and confidence, and all the fear went away. I learned that the mercies of God are new every morning, and that they help me survive and excel each day. Healing came to my mind, and my whole body experienced it.

I’m not saying that we should fail to plan properly and take on extra work that we can’t handle. I’m simply saying that when you are overwhelmed, put your trust in the Lord and take it one day at a time. We must always remember that God is powerful and we should call upon Him when we are faced with challenges in our lives. We should not dwell on negative experiences and the things that discourage us.

We need to be happy and receive mercies from God every day. To God is the glory, forever and ever. Amen.