Fish fingers and minty smashed peas

By Faeza
03 February 2017

Fish fingers and minty smashed peas


¦ 65ml (¼ cup) flour

¦ 15ml (1 tablespoon) paprika

¦ zest from ½ lemon

¦ salt and freshly ground black


¦ 2 large eggs

¦ 120g (1 cup) breadcrumbs

¦ 1 box (450g) frozen filleted skinless

Hake steaks

¦ 65ml (¼ cup) sunflower oil

for frying

Mushy Peas:

¦ 500g frozen peas

¦ 45ml (3 tablespoons) finely

chopped fresh mint leaves

¦ 50g butter

¦ lemon juice from ½ lemon


Place flour and paprika in a shallow

bowl, add lemon zest, salt and

pepper. Beat eggs in another shallow

bowl. Tip breadcrumbs on onto a


Slice fish fillets length ways into

fingers, roughly 2cm wide, add to the

flour and toss to coat.

Dip the flour-dusted fish pieces into

the beaten egg, shake off the excess,

roll in the breadcrumbs until well

coated and place on a tray.

Heat oil in a large non-stick frying

pan over medium heat. Add fish

fingers in batches and fry for 2 to 3

minutes on each side, or until golden,

crispy and cooked through. Remove

and drain on a double layer of kitchen


For the mushy peas: In a saucepan

cook peas in boiling water until soft

about 10 minutes. Drain thoroughly

and mash roughly with a potato

masher or fork to a chunky mush.

Add finely chopped mint leaves,

butter and lemon juice, season to

taste. Mix well and serve with the

crispy fish fingers and tomato sauce.

Alternatively, place

frozen peas in a colander and pour

over boiling water to defrost, mix

with mint, butter, lemon juice and

seasoning in a bowl and mash or blitz

in a food processor.