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Five thing to never post on social media

By Faeza
12 October 2016

We live in a time where what you post today on social media can come back to haunt you a few years later.

Members of the public are always urged to be mindful of what they post on social media, because most employers usually look through an individual's social media platforms first before hiring them.

But these days it is not only your employers who look through your networks but also criminals.

Here are five things to never post on social media:

-Nude photos of yourself: No matter how comfortable you are in your skin the whole world does not need to see it.

- Relationship Issues: There is no need for your entire social network following to know that there is trouble in paradise. Keep your relationship problems offline.

- How you feel about your current job: Talking about anything work related on social media is a bad idea. No matter how angry you are at your colleagues or boss do not vent about it on social media.

- A racist, defamatory,  sexist or a comment that incites violence: In the past we have also witnessed how people have been fired for posting comments of this nature on social media platforms.

- Pictures of yourself doing drugs or over indulging in alcohol: You could ruin your future prospects of getting hired by your dream company because of what you post today.