Five ways to prevent flu

By Faeza
11 July 2015

We understand that since it is already winter, people are finding it hard to deal with and/or to prevent catching flu.We are giving five tips on how you can prevent catching flue.

Five Tips To Prevent Catching Flu:

  • Enough Rest: when it is this time of the year you really need to be in bed to help your body function well during the cold winter nights.

  • Gym: You need to exercise as much as you can so that your immune system will be able to deal with flu.

  • Healthy Food: Try to eat as much healthy food as possible, fruits are a good choice.

  • Keep Warm: Always wear something that is warm so that you don’t catch flu.

  • Hygiene: It is way important to wash your hands every time. This will prevent you from getting germs.