#FlashBackFriday: Entity (AKA)

By Faeza
13 May 2016

Before AKA became Supamega, he was part of a trio rap crew called Entity.

Entity consisted of three members, namely: Vice Versa, Greyhound and AKA.

The three met each other in high school and was established in 2004, they released their first and only album in 2005 titled Royal School of Hip hop released independently Creative Kingdom and executively produced by Slikour.

The group was also nominated in 2005 for "Best African Hip Hop" in the KORA Awards and performed during the event.

The group broke up in 2006, AKA went on to study sound engineering, later joined Buks and Kamza to form the production collective called The I.V. League in 2007.

2009 AKA ventured for a solo career and look at him today, one of the most influential rapper in Africa.