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Flirting with death

By Faeza
12 August 2015

We all have been hurt, some so severe to the point that they end up thinking they will not be able to get over it. My Brethren YaHWeH created us to be reliant on Him in all situations. But if we put our full trust and reliance in a human, when he offends us our whole world then crushes before our own eyes and we then see him as the enemy.   To the point that when we hear a song that he used to like it triggers some bad vibes within us. Even to the point of hating the make of car he drives. That's when one must realize one has allowed the spirits to wreak havoc in one's live. Opening doors which can allow spirits to enter, there by bringing the most evil spirits which comes with these spirits in tour, thus, bitterness, resentment, anger, revenge and retribution which can lead to murder. 

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Pastor Washington

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