Forgive and forget

By admin
21 May 2014

Pastor Lho Noruwana an ordained Minister and the Founding Pastor of His Glory House of Prayer for All Nations Church in Philippi, Cape Town. teaches us about the power of forgiveness .

God created humans for relationships. We relate at different levels: marital,

parent-child, bosssubordinate (work), pastor-disciple, siblings, friends, etc. God made all these relationships for our benefit.

All these relationships have one common element: trust. When trust is compromised, relations become strained and they can become broken for good. This can result in anger and

bitterness. Anger is a normal reaction to an offence.

However, if left unresolved, it can lead to bitterness, which turns to hatred, slander and a desire to see the offender suffer. Ephesians 4:26

Forgiveness is the act of giving up your right to hurt your offender back. Forgiving someone may not be easy, but it’s what God requires from us (Mathew 18:21-23). Forgiveness is an act of obedience. When you forgive, you position yourself to receive God’s forgiveness for your own sins

(Mathew 6:12, Mark 11:25). Forgiveness is more about will than feeling. You may still be hurt and angry but if you forgive, you’re one step closer to healing. Note: love keeps no record of wrongs       (1 Corinthians 13:5).

Anger is a slow poison that destroys your wellbeing. It affects your spirit and denies you the chance to receive God’s healing grace for the hurt you've suffered. If you can’t forgive, you block yourself from hearing God’s guidance on ways to restore your broken trust and relationship. With the help of the Holy Spirit, counselling and commitment to the reconciliation process, broken relationships

can be restored and some come out stronger than before. It is God’s will and instruction that you try

to be at peace with everyone (Hebrews12:14). However, associatingagain with people who've hurt youmay come with the risk of more hurt.Therefore, seek God’s wisdom inapproaching the situation. You stillhave a duty to guard your heart,because out of it come the streams of

life (Proverbs 4:23). Hebrews 12:15 charges us to avoid bitterness at all costs as it stirs trouble.

If you're a prisoner of bitterness,submit your situation to God. He is able to uproot it and give you peace. Rest in His comfort, for He is a great Comforter in sorrow (Jeremiah 8:18), a Healer (Exodus 15:26b) and for this reason He came, even to heal the broken-hearted and to declare freedom for prisoners (Luke 4:18). Make a decision to forgive and move on.