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Forgiveness heals you

By Faeza
15 November 2015

Believing is "The Way" of life, trusting in YaHWeH and is not conditional and cannot be forced upon anyone. A true believer is governed by the true sacrificial Love, which is for those who are truly set apart having unconditional love for one another and of their Elohim. Who knows that the one who loves much forgives much, making a decision to forgive before the offence is even committed.

Because of the realisation of that it's the enemy who tries to derail us from our believe due to offences. To the point of even insulting the creator. How do you react during persistent offence by the same person or in times of crisis?

Look deep into your inner self: do you genuinely forgive or are you one of those that says "I have forgiven but.........." Whenever there is a but......the said forgiveness loses it's value, you are exactly at the same position as when you did not forgive. You are just like a Hamster on the wheel or well dressed but going nowhere. If you exercise true love and forgiveness you will receive true love and forgiveness in return..


Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH