Former Coca-cola popstar’s group Adilah have once again reunited

By Faeza
28 October 2016

Members of the former Coca-cola popstar’s group Adilah have once again reunited.

It took the passing of Refiloe Motha to reunite Letang Tlome, Tumi Kgosana, KaraboMotlabi and Thembisile Ntaka.

The members were brought together when they won the popstar’s competition back in 2003. They released their popular hit Ses’fikile which was also the name of the album. However, that was the last time we saw them together before they decided to part ways.

Nonetheless, Thembisile has managed to weather the storms of the industry and survived. She has released a few albums under her belt. Not much is known about what the other members were up to. But Tumi had recently came out of prison.

Thembisile excitedly share with us recently that she hopes that she and Tumi would be in studio to work on something.