Four fabulous makeup tips from the experts

By admin
25 July 2013

We had a chat with our beauty experts on make-up care and here are some of the valuable tips they shared:

1. If you make a mistake in one area of your face, let it dry before trying to correct it. These makeup mishaps can cause any girl to panic, and might even lead to more boo-boos while trying to quickly solve the problem.

2. Your ring finger is the one to use to apply makeup as it has a soft touch. Use your index finger to apply any eye shadows. This finger provides a little more pressure (helping you to spread the shadow more evenly) but still has that soft touch.

3. Use Vaseline to soften the skin before applying eye shadow. Vaseline is also good for removing makeup. If you want to add definition: Sweep a light bronzer through the crease of the eye, which is halfway between the lashline and the eyebrow.

4. If your foundation is too light use a darker powder to match your skin:  Anything that is lighter than the skin tone will make an area more prominent, anything darker will make that area recede.

Use these tips wisely and be beautiful.