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Four ways to cure babalas

By Faeza
05 August 2016

A number of people have suffered from babalas, better known as a hang over, but most do not know how to cure it.

Move! magazine asked members of the public how they usual get rid of that blasting head ache, feeling dehydrated and nauseous after a night of partying.

Four tips to cure a hangover:

*One of the readers who lives in the South of Johannesburg stated that he usually eats skopo that has a lot of chilies and pap to solve his hangover.

*A Kwa-Thema resident stated that he usually has a Grandpa as soon as he wakes up in the morning, and that usually makes him feel better.

*A young lady from Benoni added that she usually wakes up has a greasy breakfast and takes a bath. That usually leaves her feeling like nothing ever happened.

*A 32-year-old woman from Auckland Park stated that she usually drinks a large quantity of water before she sleeps and she wakes up feeling great with no hangover.