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Friday 15 November 2013

By admin
15 November 2013

Friday 15 November 2013

#Generations: Ruby wants to show the world she still has what it takes. The prophet aid has some upsetting news for the Dlomos. Dr Chetty decides to do some investigating of her own …

#Isidingo: Caitlin has very odd taste when it comes to men but is certainly good at sniffing out trouble. Prada's renting out Len's room, could be a golden opportunity for someone. A Clown, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe walk into a bar...

#Rhythmcity:Mbuso takes things a step further when he accuses Suffocate and David of trading without a liquor licence. Stella tries to get Miles to believe that Victoria is vindictive. Mampho’s disappearance continues to be a source of agony for everyone especially Reneilwe.