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Friday 22 November 2013

By admin
22 November 2013

Friday 22 November 2013

#Generations: Dr Chetty has more bad news for the Dlomos. Akhona’s mind races when she hears who’ll be at tonight’s party. Nicholas shows up at the Dlomo house drunk.

#Isidingo: Ben’s about to lose, Eddie’s already lost and Mac’s playing fast and loose. Should someone say to Jeff, when it comes to Kat... Let Go. Lerato discovers that sometimes even the normal things are scary.

#Rhythmcity:Suffocate is determined to use the gun he has acquired to end the struggle with Mbuso. Victoria makes the last fruitless attempt to get Miles to trust her. Mampho comes back to her home and together with her parents they are all in denial about her HIV status.