From hitting rock bottom to reaching the stars

By Faeza
25 July 2017

Lusanda manages a difficult task of juggling her business, motherhood and her acting career.

Asanda Mbane

ACTRESS and business woman Lusanda Mbane (37) says she knows all too well about hitting rock bottom. The Scandal! actress, who shot to fame doing commercials, recalls a time when she nearly lost it all.


She says she quit her nine-to-five job at a recruitment agency without a proper plan to sustain herself and started her own business. She says things didn’t go well in the beginning to a point where her car was repossessed. “I started my own business and it took a while for everything to take off,” she recalls. However, Lusanda acknowledges that this dark period in her life gave her a good lesson. “My lowest point was also my highest point because I got to learn how to make better decisions,” she says, adding that it’s those times that have made her live well within her means.


The Butterworth-born actress says she got into acting late in life because she had to move up the corporate ladder. Nonetheless, her talent couldn’t be brushed away even though she had a stable job. “Acting is something I couldn’t really ignore,” she admits. “I don’t remember wanting to be anything else while growing up. I had bigger dreams than the small town I grew up in.” She says she was always the centre of attention while growing up. “I used to entertain people at home. I would use a roll-on deodorant container or hairbrush as a microphone,” she says.


She never studied acting when she went to varsity. A lack of funds forced her to study marketing instead of her desired advertising course. While she was at the then Wits Technikon, she used to go for auditions at the SABC. This is how she delayed getting her qualification. “I went to Wits Tech because I knew it was closer to the SABC offices. I played with a lot of my time because when I went to those auditions my education took a back seat,” she confesses. But she managed to finish her studies through Unisa and then studied towards a B.Com marketing degree, also with Unisa.


Just like her character on Scandal!, Lusanda says she’s very family orientated. The mother of two, who plays Boniswa, would do whatever it takes to protect her children and husband from the limelight. She says it might sound clichéd but she loves being a mom. “My kids are the reason I wake up and want to provide for them. They understand that I travel a lot because I have to hustle for them,” she says.