Gareth Cliff defends himself against "spiking" Mara Louw's drink

By Faeza
28 November 2016

According to an article in the Sunday Times newspaper Idols SA judge and radio personality, Gareth Cliff, allegedly admitted that he "spiked" former Idols judge, Mara Louw's, drink with vodka.

The spiked drink caused the actress to not only go off on a tangent and swear on screen but got her fired from Idols SA.

  After trending most of Sunday and Monday Gareth took to Twitter to rubbish off the reports saying that the Sunday Times headline was "misleading"  

 According to the Sunday newspaper, Mara is set to release her autobiography early next year and in her book she talks about how the incident tainted her reputation.

  "You'll be shocked at what lengths people will go to get you fired in this industry when they want to put in their friends," is a quote that has been pulled out of Mara's upcoming book.  

  The spiking incident went viral on social media having numbers of people tweeting about it.   Here are a few of tweets from the public who are unhappy about the incident: