'Generations' viewers complain about witchcraft storyline

By Faeza
03 March 2016

mamlambo tshidi gadaffi generaions

South African audiences are sensitive at best, but these days we have seen more and more people pushing the envelope on local television

Despite some complaints, producers and writers have shown that they are bold enough to tackle issues that have previously avoided discussion on TV, such as homosexuality and polygamy (most recently with the gender roles reversed, as Generations Karabo is on a mission to take on a new husband).

This time, however, it looks like the soapie might have taken things a step too far with one of the most recent themes in their storyline

One of the show’s leading characters, Tshidi, visited a sangoma to protect herself and succeed professionally. The witchdoctor worked his magic, bathed her in herbs and given her a snake to protect her from her enemies (as long as she feeds it).

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