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Genuine love part 1

By Faeza
19 December 2015

Do you know what love is? Is love a feeling or a decision? Can one love with reservations and fear? Do you love? How deep is your Love? Is your love circumstantial, which depends on something happening or not happening? Can your Love be bought or bartered like the Babylonian Love? My brethren if your Love is dependant on someone doing or not doing something, then you do not know what Love is. Love thrives under pain and hurt. Love is shown when its forced into difficulties and under persecution. True Love never grows old. Love does not seek its own glory or justification. It does not boast in doing good, because it is good by nature, neither does it boast in evil. It is forgiving all the time. It is a decision.

Barak Shalom

Pastor Washington

Kingdom Principles Ministry Of YaHWeH